What is a Bar Necklace?

What is a Bar Necklace?

What is a Bar Necklace?

The bar necklace has been around for a lot of years but has recently been enjoying a surge in popularity. These are a must-have trend in jewelry right now. The bar necklace usually consists of a solid gold or silver bar on a simple chain. The bar can either sit vertically or horizontally; both types will look elegant and stylish.

Why Are They Popular?

The popularity of these necklaces comes from their simplicity. They never seem to go out of fashion, and you can see that celebrities have been wearing them for many years. They go well as an accessory to any outfit and can work well for many different occasions.

Where to wear a bar necklace

The beauty of a bar necklace is that it can be worn anywhere and everywhere. You could even choose a different design for different occasions.

At Work: The bar necklace works very well with a suit or another professional style for work. Wear a horizontal bar necklace to sit against a round collar and a vertical one with a blouse or V-neck top. Choose one that is simple yet elegant for the perfect finishing touch.

For a night out: You can go bigger and bolder for a night out if you like. This Opal Bar Necklace is a piece that will be noticed if you want it to be. A low-cut dress will look stunning with a bold, vertical-cut bar necklace, and this can help to create a focal point that is not too overstated.

Opal Bar Necklace

At Home: If you are used to wearing something around your neck, you may feel as if something is missing if your neck is bare. You can dress down a bar necklace quite easily for a day at home. A horizontal bar will not get in the way if you are working out or doing housework, but it will still give you the security of feeling as if your neck is dressed prettily.

What Color Should You Wear?

Bar necklaces are usually available in silver or gold, and it can be difficult to know which color to choose.

Silver: A Silver Bar Necklace looks great in the evening against a black top. Silver can look very elegant, but it is understated, too. This is a great look against pale skin and can be worn during the day or in the evening.

Silver Bar Necklace

Gold: Gold looks fantastic against warm tones, so it will look wonderful on the beach or against a darker skin tone. In the evening, wear it against russet shades such as brown, orange or gold. Gold looks elegant and attracts attention, so wear it big and bold if you want to get noticed.

Investing in a Bar Necklace

Bar necklaces are a great investment because they never really go out of style. They contain a solid bar of silver or gold, so they can be a great way of wearing your wealth. To invest wisely, it is best to buy one when the market for precious metal is relatively low and then sell once you don’t think the price will go any higher and will soon fall again. However, if you love your bar necklace, there is no reason to sell quickly. It can be kept and passed on to your children or loved ones at a later date.


There are many inscription options that work well for a bar necklace.

Plain: A bar necklace can be left plain, and its understated charm will speak for itself. However, if you prefer you could ask your jeweler to add an inscription to it.

Your name and an important date: Many people opt to have their name as an inscription, but you could also add a date, such as your date of birth or an important event, such as the date of your wedding.

Positive Affirmation: It is popular to use words or phrases that are important to you. Positive affirmations such as "Just be yourself" can speak volumes on a bar necklace, and inscribing one will mean that you are never far away from reminding yourself about something positive. This could be a great boost to your self-esteem in a job interview or on a first date.

There are many inscription options that work well for a bar necklace.

Bar necklaces are very popular right now, and they are a must-have accessory for the coming months. Make sure you always look stylish and well presented by making this the next piece of jewelry you treat yourself to.

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