Is a pendant a necklace?

Is a pendant a necklace?

Is a pendant a necklace?

Are pendants and necklaces the same thing? This may sound like a trick question, and although the terms are related, they are not interchangeable.

Welcome to the intricate world of jewelry - a galaxy flecked with diamonds and birthstones, where planets are made from fistfuls of baroque pearls. It's magical place where the word “bail” isn’t related to a crime.

Understanding the differences between classic cornerstone jewelry pieces empowers our personal style. Jewelry lovers learning about the language and purpose behind the gleaming, shiny designs we wear around our necks will experience an evolution in how they accessorize. With so many of us shopping online, understanding the difference between these two style powerhouses will also make all the difference to your bounty.

What is a pendant?

A pendant is the trinket that dangles from a necklace, anklet or bracelet. You can tell a pendant by its bail. This is the loop fitting that attaches the pendant to the necklace, allowing it to slide along the necklace. Pendants are not to be confused with charms. Charms are smaller and used for anklets and bracelets. Charms do not use bails; instead, they use charm holders, so you can group these tiny treasures together. In fact, a pendant can be worn anywhere, such as in your hair or on your arm, as long as it is attached to a chain.

Pendants are unique because they also reach beyond accessory and style and become something extraordinary. Pendants are regarded as powerful amulets intended to protect the wearer from harm. Gifting pendants with strong associations, such as St. Christopher protecting travelers on their journey, can create family heirlooms and render the piece invaluable to its owner. One of the most personal pendants to give is a cross. These range from stunningly simple silhouettes to bejeweled beauties like this White Gold Diamond Cross Pendant Necklace.

White Gold Diamond Cross Pendant Necklace

What defines a necklace?

Necklaces are pieces of jewelry worn around the neck. Interesting side fact: they are believed to be one of the most ancient forms of adornment humans have worn. They're used to represent religious, spiritual and ceremonial beliefs and denote wealth and power.

Necklaces are defined by how long they are, starting at the collar necklace, which measures 12 inches. The Lariat is considered the longest necklace, longer than the rope, and is usually worn overlaid several times around the neck.

Necklaces are made from precious materials such as gold and silver. Newer metals such as titanium are gaining popularity for men’s jewelry. Necklaces also use strings of gems, stones, shells, beadwork and other valuable materials.

There are specific styles of necklaces that suit specific pendants. These can be sub-divided into modern and traditionally styled pendants. Contemporary pendants suit a simple necklace, such as a snake chain. Ornate, Old World pendants need a bit of link definition, such as a belcher chain.

Style and personality

Pendants don’t need to be drenched in meaning to have an impact. They are a versatile accessory with style and personality. There are lots of pendants purposed for everyday use. Quality pieces featuring a clever and trendy talisman are intended to help you personalize your look, like this Smooth Disc Initial Necklace.

Smooth Disc Initial Necklace

The fabulous world of high-quality, contemporary jewelry makes pendants accessible to everyone. We use pendants to express our personality, faith, belief and style. Creative, conservative, guru, attorney, mechanic... we all love expressing ourselves.

Working in harmony with separate identities

Necklaces and pendants work in harmony to create a look, honor a belief, or represent a culture. Pendants represent an infinite world of possibility reaching into the future and strong associations with our heritage. We hope our outline has provided you with a sense of how intrinsically separate and complementary these pieces are to each other.

Once we understand their separate yet harmonious roles, we can identify ways to weave and work them into our personal style. We gather confidence with understanding and learning. And if we look at style icons such as Coco Chanel, their knowledge and insight rendered their style eternal and unique.

Working in harmony with separate identities

Today’s online jewelry marketplace is flourishing with fabulous accessories festooned with everything from feathers to old coins to masterful metalwork and beyond. Understanding the differences between popular pieces such as pendants and necklaces empowers us to venture further.

And this is just the tip of the gleaming iceberg. This is an incredible world where beauty and artistic expression are celebrated in every piece, from costume accessories and intricate beadwork to your grandmother’s string of pearls. Jewelry represents the past, present and future and is a fascinating place teeming with style secrets.

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