Medical Stethoscope Cute Heart Earrings - The Needed Necklace

Medical Stethoscope Cute Heart Earrings

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Awesome new style of our gorgeous medical stethoscope jewelry is here!

Nurses, doctors, and anyone in--or about to be in—the medical field will love this unique earrings. The stethoscope loops to form a heart, representing the kindness, love, and compassion those in the medical field have for their patients.

Coming in silver and gold, the earrings measure 1.2x1.0 cm.

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Judith B.
I bought this for my granddaughter. She works for a doctor and is going to school for nursing. She loved the necklace that I got her earlier for her birthday in july. I decided she needed the earrings to go with it. So far I haven't heard anything from her, but I am sure she loves them. She also has 2 children, so she is quite busy.