What Jewelry should I Buy my Girlfriend for Christmas?

What Jewelry should I Buy my Girlfriend for Christmas?

What Jewelry should I Buy my Girlfriend for Christmas?

The Christmas holidays are the perfect time to celebrate those close to our hearts. Gifting your girlfriend jewelry is a meaningful way to celebrate your journey together. Jewelry remains one of the most iconic and symbolic gestures, whether signaling a deeper commitment or celebrate a shared milestone, and it’s much easier than you think to get right.

With some straightforward advice, you can dodge popular pitfalls and chart a course straight to the glittering prize. If you’re wondering where to start, what to buy, and how to go about choosing jewelry for your girlfriend this Christmas, we’re here to help. We’ve gathered our favorite insights and gift ideas, like this Diamond Pendant Necklace.

Diamond Pendant Necklace

Start with some detective work to help you track down the perfect piece of jewelry.

Take a closer look at your girlfriend’s personal style. You’re looking for details like the type of clothes she loves, common color combinations, and how she accessorizes. While you’re doing your detective work, think about what jewelry would complement her style. This simple reconnaissance work arms you with a strong idea of what she loves so you can find the perfect gift.

A quick sidebar on sizing necklaces for your girlfriend based on her existing jewelry: You’ll be looking for a 16-inch necklace or the standard necklace length of 18 inches if your girlfriend wears shorter pieces. If your girlfriend favors longer necklaces, a 20-inch or 22-inch length works nicely.

Understanding symbolic influences

Jewelry is steeped in symbolism. A gleaming silhouette of the heart, a pair of intertwined spheres and the iconic infinity symbol are classic expressions of love. Being aware of this symbolism helps you make the perfect choice. For example, a ring is a significant gift and widely regarded as a meaningful step towards marriage and family life together. It's a wonderful reflection of your commitment and love, so it's perfect if this is where your relationship is headed but awkward and confusing if your enthusiasm has caused you to make an exaggerated gesture!

As powerful and symbolic as it is, jewelry is also vibrant and fun. From fabulous costume pieces to intricate antiques, there is an extraordinary range of enchanting designs, textures and materials to choose from and elegant options intended to celebrate style over romantic gesture. Some feature sophisticated echoes of popular symbols of good fortune, including the horseshoe and four-leaf clover. Other designs focus on creative aesthetics and sophisticated silhouettes, perhaps echoing your girlfriend’s dynamic personal style, like these Swarovski Necklaces.

From blossoming romance to flourishing family life

If you are several signature statement necklaces into your relationship, you can still delight her with a beautiful piece of jewelry. Whether you celebrate her faith, love of animals, peaceful nature or glamorous style, there is a plethora of pieces perfect for the woman who has everything, such as these Diamond Necklaces.

For blossoming relationships, an infinity bracelet detailed with her favorite color, such as this Genuine Opal Infinity Bracelet, is a lovely gift to light up her eyes and confirm the special bond you share. Evocative silhouettes such as a crescent moon are also a lovely way to affirm a strengthening commitment.

Genuine Opal Infinity Bracelet

Timeless options

Jewelry is an evocative gift perfect for honoring timeless pieces. If your girlfriend loves tradition, celebrate with a traditional gift. Perhaps you'll choose an iconic piece of jewelry like a Tennis Bracelet, maybe with an engraving personalizing your gift even further. How about something with old-world style and charm, celebrating a traditional time of year together? It's a wonderful way to start your own traditions and create special memories.

Capture your joy

Christmas celebrates love, joy and togetherness with heartfelt expressions of the love we have for each other. It’s also a time for renewed hope for the future and starting new chapters. Gifting jewelry for Christmas is a wonderful way to share how much you care. We believe there is a beautiful piece of jewelry for every stage of a special relationship, with pieces to suit every taste and style, like these Citrine Earrings.

Citrine Earrings

When in doubt, keep it simple and thoughtful. Think of her favorite things, her style, her humor and her hopes for the future. How about an elegant pair of earrings to encourage her to go after that business idea or a delicate necklace to thank her for all her strength and support? And perhaps one day, there will be a sparkling ring and a proposal!

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