What is the best men’s wedding band?

What is the best men’s wedding band?

What is the best men’s wedding band?

Choosing a wedding band is one of the most delightful and important parts of planning a wedding, but there are many things to think about when it comes to choosing a man’s wedding band, from his ring size to which metal to choose. Because it will be one of the most important pieces of jewelry he will wear, it is a decision that you will both want to get right first time. Here are some tips for selecting the best men's wedding band for you.

Ring Size


If you want to take advantage of the many styles of wedding band available from online jewelry stores, you will need to know the man's exact ring size. If you are able to visit a jewelry store, they can determine his size for you. If the groom is unable to go to the jewelry store in person, you can take a ring that he usually wears on the traditional wedding finger and have a jeweler get an accurate measurement from it. There are also some online tools you can access to measure the diameter of his finger. Some online jewelry stores will send a free ring sizer. It is very important to get the ring size right the first time, as some rings can’t be altered after purchase without spoiling the design.

Choice of Metal

Men’s wedding bands are designed and manufactured in many types of precious metals, and the one you choose is only limited by your individual finances and lifestyle. The most popular metals are gold, silver, platinum, white gold, and titanium, or you can choose to get a mixture of metals in the same ring. You will find that the choice of wedding bands for men has widened considerably in recent years as jewelry designers enjoy giving men’s wedding band designs that special touch.


There are many traditional men’s wedding bands that are simply and plainly designed with no embellishments or added precious stones. For decades, this was the preferred wedding band that was favored by women as well, with both spouses wearing the same ring as another symbol of their unity and love. The simplicity and attractiveness of the traditional design is supported by its strength and durability, echoing the nature of marriage, and this is still the most popular style of wedding band for men. This Gold Tone Unisex Ring is a good example of the classic design.

Gold Tone Unisex Ring


The trend for men’s wedding bands to be more stylish has increased in recent years, and many feature precious stones and intricate designs. These types of wedding bands can reflect the character of the groom and even incorporate aspects of the groom’s heritage. For example, someone with an Irish ancestry might favor a wedding band featuring a Celtic design. If he is into art, design and contemporary living, an etched platinum ring would be perfect. However, if he loves diamonds, there is no reason a man shouldn’t enjoy wearing a diamond encrusted wedding band. After all, diamonds are not just for girls!

The Swirl Filigree Men’s Band is great choice for a modern, stylish man.

Swirl Filigree Men's Ring

Signet Ring

A signet ring that features intertwined engraved initials would be a wonderful choice for a man’s wedding band. Traditionally crafted in gold, this type of ring has always been popular for men as a personal ring or a wedding ring. The groom can have his own initials carved on the ring or a romantic combination of both your initials.

Skin Tone

You might consider choosing a wedding band to suit a man’s skin tone. If you know all about color matching, you will know that certain skin tones suit certain tones of color. Many people choose their clothes to suit their skin tone, and jewelry is no different. For example, if your skin has warm tones, you can try precious metals that reflect that tone, such as 18ct gold and rose gold. If your skin suits cooler tones, consider precious metals such as white gold and platinum. Of course, the science behind color matching is all down to personal preference, but it might be a good place to start if you have no idea which precious metal to choose for a wedding band.

Choosing wedding bands is one of the most romantic and significant days of a couple’s life after choosing the engagement ring. By thinking carefully about the type of wedding ring the groom will wear, this important day can be even more special and memorable.

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