What is considered a stud earring?

What is considered a stud earring?

What is considered a stud earring?

Stud earrings are a versatile piece of jewelry with serious style swag. You can spot a stud by the way they appear to be suspended gracefully and situated precisely in the center of the fleshy part of your earlobe.

Glamorous gems are the bedrock of the stud earring’s stockpile of stones. Whether sported singularly, paraded as a pair, or rocked as an outer conch piercing, stud earrings, like these Platinum Plated Brilliant-Cut Lab-Created Diamond Stud Earrings, are a chic fashion statement.

Platinum Plated Brilliant-Cut Lab-Created Diamond Stud Earrings

Timeless treasure, fascinating history

Humans have been curating their lobes from the dawn of time and the cradle of civilization. Tribes used earrings to communicate their ethnicity and cultural beliefs to outsiders. Ancient superstition concluded ears were a portal for evil spirits, so earrings were worn for protection. Romans even wore earrings going into battle.

Studs were worn in ancient Egypt, although they were not the delicate treasures we wear today. Lobes were stretched to accommodate studs shaped like mushrooms. A sailor’s pierced ear denoted he had sailed the circumference of the globe or traversed the earth’s equator.

Powerful amulets, rebellious self-expression

In western culture, enthusiasm for earrings has ebbed and flowed in sync with the evolution of fashion and style. The discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb in 1922 helped revive the earring. At the time, ear piercings were reviled as cheap and unladylike, continuing the enduring western theme of earrings representing a personal choice. The movie “Grease” featured piercing parties as a teenage rite of passage. Punk fashion was an explosion of pierced self-expression.

The stud: More than a pretty solitaire

Ayurveda tradition believes a range of interesting health benefits are related to ear piercing. The center of the earlobe is credited as being a vital junction connecting the left and right hemispheres of the brain. They believe applying pressure to your earlobe can also improve your eyesight, provide better reproductive health in both men and women, and is a powerhouse of energetic healing for the body.

Most of us wear a stud, called a starter earring, when we have our ears pierced for the first time. These simple studs maintain the ear piercing and are usually worn for six weeks. After that, you can remove the starter and explore the plethora of earring styles that exist. These include drop earrings, hoops, huggies, jackets and a newer variety of sparkle: the climber and crawler.

Securing your sparkle

A stud earring is identifiable by a gemstone or other sparkly treasure affixed to a thin metal post, like these 1.55 CCTW Oceanic Opal Classic Studs In 18K Gold Earrings. The post passes through the ear piercing, traditionally in the center of the earlobe. The signature floating illusion of a stud earring is secured to your lobe by the backing of the earring, called an earring back.

1.55 CCTW Oceanic Opal Classic Studs In 18K Gold Earrings

The most common earring back for studs is called a post, push back or butterfly. You slide the push back onto the post by clasping the twin curves of the push back or butterfly back. The push back is secured to the post by clicking onto a tiny ridge in the post to stop the push back from falling out.

As its name suggests, the screw back operates like a household screw and is more secure. The post of the stud earring has the same spiral markings as a screw. The screw back is a delicate, worthwhile operation that screws into place, outperforming other earring backs when it comes to securing your sparkle.

Silhouettes and shapes amplify your natural beauty

For maximum style points, remember that the shape of your face influences the style of stud that will suit you best. For example, diamond-shaped faces are illuminated by oval or round-shaped studs. Heart-shaped faces enjoy the same styled sparkle as their diamond-shaped counterparts, in addition to pear-shaped studs.

Oval-shaped faces are the most versatile and will look nice with pretty much any shape of studs, especially round. If you are a round-faced beauty, select more geometric stud shapes. If you love a curved silhouette, choose an oval or pear-shaped stud.

Deliver the balance square-shaped faces seek with a gorgeous round stud. Rectangular faces are looking for symmetry. To soften your gorgeous angles, choose a round stud. Select geometric shapes such as a princess cut to amplify your angles, like these 1.00 CT Morganite Halo Princess Cut Earrings.

1.00 CT Morganite Halo Princess Cut Earrings.

Stud earrings are an essential everyday element of style. Unisex, expressive and a discreet shout-out to status and style, the stud earring endures. There are spectacular solitaires, pretty pearls and rebellious rocks to adorn every lobe and treat every taste.

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