What does an infinity ring mean?

What does an infinity ring mean?

What does an infinity ring mean?

The infinity insignia is represented by two interconnecting spheres sitting side by side, similar to a lopsided number eight. An infinity ring incorporates the infinity symbol as a visual representation of eternal love. The symbol is included as the stone centerpiece of the ring, or it can form the ring band.

Let’s put our academic capes on and clear up the infinity/eternity ring confusion. An infinity ring and an eternity ring are two separate styles of jewelry sharing the same meaning: a bond of eternal love and devotion. It's a symbol of empowerment and endless possibility given as a talisman to those we love. 

Classic Crystal Pave Infinity Ring

This Classic Crystal Pave Eternity Ring features a band inlaid with crystals all the way around it. A half eternity ring, like this Infinity and Beyond Crystal Ring, is just as spectacular and often more practical to wear because it doesn’t snag on clothes and isn’t as heavy.

Infinity and Beyond Crystal Ring

When we examine the meaning of the infinity symbol and its wide-ranging uses across time, it takes on a powerful, beautiful purpose.

What does "infinity" actually mean?

Look "infinity” up in the dictionary, and you’ll find a definition along the lines of “something that has no determinate bounds, and for which there is no possible bound or limit." It’s easy to see why the concept of infinity is closely aligned with love.

While it’s well-known for its mathematical connotations, the complex concept of infinity reaches across all cultures, religions, subjects and art forms. Infinity reflects the eternal nature of all things.

Who can have an infinity ring?

Infinity rings represent a lifetime commitment of love and devotion. Think of those close to your heart whom you know you will love for your lifetime: your children, best friends, parents, siblings and, of course, your spouse.

Some believe infinity rings were intended for a spouse after marriage to celebrate a milestone, such as the birth of a child or a significant anniversary. It's a popular choice for those occasions.

Yet when we consider the boundless nature of love, we understand the symbolism of gifting a close friend an infinity ring to celebrate a lifelong friendship. The infinity symbol represents inclusivity and is a style of ring intended for everyone.

Iconic and universal

Iconic and universal

The infinity symbol is also called “the lazy eight curve” and was created in 1655 by an English mathematician named John Wallis for geometric calculations. Since then, the use of the infinity symbol has been…well, infinite. It appears everywhere from mathematical studies and philosophical papers to metaphysical symbolism and, of course, jewelry design.

This is a symbol saturated with meaning. Infinity refers to something larger than ourselves - something endless, timeless and limitless. Much like love, infinity represents continuity, devotion and commitment eclipsing any limitation. If we run our finger along an infinity symbol, we can continue tracing the lopsided figure eight endlessly.

How to wear an infinity ring

An infinity ring can be worn on either hand, on any finger that is comfortable. If you intend to wear your infinity ring as part of your wedding ring set on your ring finger, there is a particular order. First, put on the wedding band, followed by your engagement ring, and then place the infinity ring. 

Across cultures and throughout time

Many cultures incorporate infinity symbolism into their visual pieces to denote strength, love and the intrinsic cycles of death and renewal.

One of the most well-known (and earliest) representations of infinity was curated by the Greeks around 400AD. Their spherical symbol shows a snake (sometimes a dragon) consuming its tail.

Celtic knots symbolize faith, unity, love and protection and include the Celtic Love Knot, Celtic cross and the Trinity Knot. Tibetan Buddhism’s iconographic eternal knot represents the infinite nature of Samsara and the cyclical nature of life, death and rebirth.

Hollywood actress and producer Reese Witherspoon worked with the United Nations to launch a Women’s Empowerment Bracelet featuring the infinity symbol. Intended to represent the limitless opportunities available for women, the infinity symbol is an inspiring amulet.

The infinity symbol is also used to represent the tranquil balance between the present moment and the infinite possibilities awaiting us in the future.

The perfect gift

The infinity symbol overflows with tradition, mysticism and symbolism. It is intended to remind the wearer they are loved now and forever. This is what makes the infinity ring an enduring symbol of eternal love and the perfect gift for anyone close to your heart.

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