What Does An Eternity Ring Mean?

What Does An Eternity Ring Mean?

What Does An Eternity Ring Mean?


There are many styles of rings available, and different styles of rings are purchased or worn for different occasions or to symbolize various meanings and feelings. An eternity ring is a very popular ring, so let's look at exactly what an eternity ring is, what it represents, and when an eternity ring is usually purchased and worn.

What is the history of eternity rings?

The history of eternity rings goes back around 4000 years to the ancient Egyptians, when husbands would give their wives rings as tokens of love and eternal devotion. Often, the rings would be set with stones, while other styles of rings featured an ouroboros symbol - a snake devouring its own tail, which is a symbol of eternity or infinity. Eternity rings became popular in the 1960s, with a modern style.

What does an eternity ring look like?

Although it is still possible to find rings with the ouroboros, modern eternity Eternity rings feature a design of gemstones set evenly and continuously around a precious metal band to signify eternity and infinity. Eternity rings are commonly set with diamonds but can be set with any type of precious gemstone, like this Cushion-Cut Queen White Swarovski Elements Ring. Due to the set of the gemstones, eternity rings have an exceptional sparkle from every angle, making them truly beautiful.

Cushion-Cut Queen White Swarovski Elements Ring

The most common style is a full eternity ring, which has precious stones set around the entire band of the ring. It is also possible to have a half eternity style featuring stones around half of the band so just the front has the gemstones, like this Round Amethyst Birthstone Ring. Depending on the size of the band, a half eternity ring usually has five, seven, or nine stones. The band of an eternity ring is usually slim and elegant and the stones in the ring are generally uniform in size, but rings can have graduated sizes of stones in a tapered design, and the settings can vary.

Round Amethyst Birthstone Ring

Claw-set or prong-set eternity rings have a metal setting running up the side of the gemstones, overlapping slightly along the top. This holds the stone in place, allowing light to enter and maximizing the sparkle of the ring. Channel set eternity rings feature the stones set in a metal channel formed by the metal at the edges of the ring, producing a secure setting that is less prone to snagging. Stones of the same size can also be set in a bar setting, where the stones are set between metal bars held perpendicular to the band. This is a contemporary style and, like claw settings, bar-set eternity rings allow plenty of light to enter the stone.

What does an eternity ring symbolize?

The eternity band has no beginning and no end and is a symbol of love and devotion. The meaning of the word eternity is unending time, so eternity rings essentially represent continuous and infinite life and love. An eternity ring is not just a token of love or appreciation; it is more a symbol of never-ending love and commitment. Giving someone an eternity ring is a way of letting them know that you will love them forever and always. Because an eternity ring can symbolize new and continuous life, it can represent life together as a couple or the life of a new child.

When should you buy an eternity ring?

Eternity rings are generally given to commemorate special occasions or milestones and were traditionally given by husbands to their wives as a special wedding anniversary gift. Often given as a ten-year anniversary gift, it has now become common as a gift on a first wedding anniversary to mark the precious first year of marriage, or it may be given with appropriate gemstones to tie in with other anniversaries, such as rubies or sapphires. Of course, in modern times, eternity rings are not just limited to wedding anniversaries; they can be given on an anniversary of any kind, at important stages of a relationship, for birthdays, or after the birth of a child.

How should an eternity ring be worn?

How should an eternity ring be worn?

The Romans believed rings given as a token of love were to be worn on the left hand on the third finger, which was said to contain the vein of love that connected straight to the heart. This romantic myth is what leads us to wear wedding rings on the left, on the third finger, and this is usually where the eternity ring is placed. However, the exact position varies according to preference; often the wedding ring is worn first, then the engagement ring, and then the eternity ring.

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