What Birthstone Am I?

What Birthstone Am I?

What Birthstone Am I?

Birthstones can be traced back to biblical times. Although the idea of birthstones originally had religious meaning, modern tradition dictates that the stones are assigned according to the month of your birth. Each month is assigned a different stone that possesses unique properties and specific powers. Some of these birthstones have changed over time. Here is a list of birth stones and which month they relate to in the modern day.

January - Garnet

Garnet comes in a rainbow of different colors, but January is usually associated with the deep red stone. The Mandarin Garnet is considered to be the rarest and most expensive garnet gemstone. The garnet signifies trust and friendship and is said to protect people during their travels.

February - Amethyst

Amethyst is a pure quartz that has been found in every corner of the world, often in the cavities of granite rocks. It is a gorgeous blend of purple and red, but it is usually the deeper purple hues that attract the highest price. Amethyst is connected to serenity and royalty. It is said to provide courage and strengthen relationships and is also used to celebrate the 6th and 17th year of marriage.

March - Aquamarine

Aquamarine is the modern birthstone for the month of March and a member of the beryl family. It comes in a wide variety of greens and blues. It is a strong, durable gemstone that it is excellent for making jewelry, like this White Gold Aquamarine Buttery Ring. Aquamarine is said to be the treasure of mermaids and it evokes the relaxation of the sea. It inspires truth, trust and letting go of the past. 

White Gold Aquamarine Butterfly Ring

April - Diamond

Diamonds are said to be a girl’s best friend, and they are found in all shapes, sizes, and colors. They are often the gemstone of choice for engagement or wedding rings as they are the hardest known material. Diamonds symbolize love, marriage, and courage.

May - Emerald

The Emerald is also a member of the Beryl family and is renowned for its rich shade of green. It is associated with fertility, health and rebirth, which makes it a wonderful gemstone for a spring month. It is believed to grant the owner good fortune, foresight, and youth.

June - Alexandrite

Alexandrite is thought to be the modern birthstone for June, although traditionally it was pearl. It was discovered in 19th-century Russia and named after Tsar Alexander 2nd. It changes color from a blueish green in daylight to a purplish red under incandescent light. It is a very rare and valuable gemstone. Alexandrite is associated with intuition and pleasure.

July - Ruby

July - Ruby

The ruby belongs to the corundum family and gets its distinctive red color from the element chromium. All other colors of the corundum family are said to be types of sapphire. The ruby is associated with love, passion, wealth, and peace. In the olden days, it was said to protect the wearer from evil and harm.

August - Peridot

Peridot is the modern birthstone for August. It is found deep in the earth’s mantle and then brought to the surface by volcanos. Peridot ranges in color from yellow-green to brown. It symbolizes strength and was traditionally used to ward off nightmares and enchantments.

September - Sapphire

The sapphire occurs in a rainbow of different colors but is most commonly associated with a rich shade of deep blue. Star sapphires are some of the most desired gems in the world. The sapphire symbolizes nobility, sincerity, and integrity.

October - Tourmaline

Tourmaline is the modern-day birthstone for October. It comes from a variety of different minerals and its color depends on its chemical makeup, like these Pink Tourmaline Earrings. It is popular because it is available in so many different colors. It is said to represent clear, honest communication and the ability to speak from the heart. 

Pink Tourmaline Earrings

November - Topaz

Traditionally, topaz was thought to be a yellow gemstone, but it has since been discovered in a variety of different colors such as blue, green, and purple. Topaz is said to attract wealth and protect the health of the mind and body. It is often thought of as a sign of love and affection.

December - Tanzanite

Tanzanite comes from the mineral Zoisite. It is a rare gemstone that is only found in a small area in Tanzania, hence its name. Its blue-purple hue makes it popular for jewelry design, but it can appear to be different colors depending on the light and angle it is viewed from. Tanzanite is said to represent dignity, truth, judgment, and longevity.

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