Matching My Jewelry To My Outfit

Matching My Jewelry To My Outfit

Matching My Jewelry To My Outfit

Do you ever think you should match your jewelry to your outfit but don’t know where to start? By following a few easy guidelines, you can be sure to get it right. If you are dressing for the office or meeting up with old friends for lunch, why not take some time to dip into your jewelry box? You might just discover some new favorites.

Looking at your Jewelry Collection

If you have some time to spare, why not take out your jewelry and evaluate what you already have? It may be that you need a simple silver chain to complement that little black dress or some gold hoops. Looking after your jewelry will be an investment that will give you years of pleasure as you wear pieces of jewelry that can update your outfit or give an old outfit a new lift. Some people even match their jewelry and outfits to their skin tone.

Skin Tone

People have different tones to their skin, which can be cooler or warmer. By following a skin tone color chart and identifying your skin tone type, you may find new colors to complement your style and give you confidence. Cooler skin tones tend to be complemented by cooler-colored fabrics and jewelry such as silver and platinum, while warmer-toned skins look good with warmer-colored fabrics and metal finishes such as gold, rose gold and copper.

Wearing Jewelry to Work

If your workplace is office-based and you are expected to wear conservative clothing, you can aim for a more classic style of jewelry that is elegantly designed. Try small gold or silver hoops, pearl earrings or a simple gold or silver stud. Your necklace should be simpler in design and match the precious metal tone of your earrings. A classic wristwatch and one or two rings would complete this chic look. Consider French Hoop Earrings for a classic look.

French Hoop Earrings

If you work in education, such as at a school or college, you can wear more dynamic jewelry that will reflect your personality and keep the class's attention on you as their teacher. You can easily wear brighter-colored statement jewelry or necklaces to complement your outfits.

Lunch Date with Friends

If you are meeting up at a restaurant, this is the time to wear jewelry that will complement any easy-to-wear outfit. For example, a single long necklace worn over a silk shirt or cashmere sweater will look good, along with earrings that complement your eyes or a combination of bracelets in gold, silver or semi-precious stones. If you have jewelry featuring a similar color gemstone to your clothing, this will add an extra color dimension to your outfit. Consider a Floral Peace Necklace for casual outings.

Floral Peace Necklace

Formal Event

If you have been invited to a black-tie event and you are expected to dress in a more formal style, you can dress up your outfit with some sparkle. Stylists advise that you choose one signature piece and avoid overdoing your jewelry. Less is definitely more when choosing your jewelry for such an occasion. If you want to wear those statement earrings, be careful to add only a simple bracelet or chain necklace in the same tone of metal. If it is a statement necklace that will steal the show, you should wear plain stud earrings.

Formal Event

Types of Necklines

If you have a V-neck outfit, which is one of the most popular designs, choose a necklace that will fit or fill this area. Necklaces with a small pendant should be displayed mid-way in the V area. With a turtleneck, you can wear a longer necklace, which will give your outfit a focal point.

Summer Dresses

This is the time of year when you can wear a variety of jewelry to complement your summer dress or your jeans and a T-shirt. Wear a combination of necklaces, earrings with pearls and dangling semi-precious stones and a blend of bracelets that bring out your inner holiday spirit.

It can be difficult to understand the style basics of matching jewelry to outfits, but you may find that just by taking the time to select the right style of jewelry for your outfit and the occasion, your appearance will look more coordinated and polished. By following a few simple guidelines, you will be sure to get it right first time. Whatever jewelry you choose to match your outfit, you can be sure your look will be as individual as you are.

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