Can You Shower With Sterling Silver?

Can You Shower With Sterling Silver?

Can You Shower With Sterling Silver?

We have probably all enjoyed a relaxing shower at the end of a busy day, only to realize that we are still wearing our jewelry. Perhaps you've even watched a piece of jewelry disappear, along with the shower water, down the drain. But putting aside the danger of losing jewelry, is it ever a good idea to wear your sterling silver jewelry in the shower?

Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver is a popular jewelry choice. Along with being affordable, it is also an attractive precious metal to wear every day. It is considered safe to wear in the shower, and many don’t give this a second thought. Silver responds well to a polish with a soft dry cloth, which will remove any soap residue and prevent the silver from losing its brightness. Nevertheless, many jewelers don’t recommend wearing silver in water as the combination of moisture and chemicals present could lead to damaging tarnishing.

Silver Tarnish

Sterling silver is susceptible to tarnish due to the inclusion of other metals, such as copper or nickel. These are added to provide hardness to silver, making it easier to fashion into jewelry and more durable to wear. But these metals respond to moisture and ozone in the air, leading to tarnishing. The damage to your jewelry might not be apparent immediately as your clothing and oil from your skin can protect it. But over time, you may notice that your silver has lost its brightness and shine and is beginning to look dull. You may have already seen this happen with silver jewelry that has been stored away in your jewelry box and only worn for special occasions.

After a Shower

Let’s say the inevitable has happened and your precious silver jewelry, like your Antler Design Necklace, has been exposed to water. You can give it a quick rinse with plain water, which will remove any residues of soap or oils, then pat it dry. But if you are going to store your jewelry for any length of time, it is a good idea to air-dry it, too. This will remove any remaining moisture trapped in the design. If you are already seeing signs of tarnishing on your everyday jewelry, you can polish it with a silver jewelry polishing cloth, which will easily remove these darkened areas.

Antler Design Necklace

Silver Polishing Cloth

If you love sterling silver jewelry like this Fresh Water Pearl Ring, it is probably a good idea to keep a silver polishing cloths handy to ensure your jewelry is kept in good condition. This cloth will remove most tarnish, but if it is in a hard-to-reach area of the design, you could try a liquid jewelry cleaner. Liquid cleaners are simple to use and available from most jewelry suppliers. You immerse your jewelry in the fluid, then after a few minutes, remove it and dry and polish with a soft cloth. Liquid cleaners are suitable for most types of silver jewelry but are not recommended for jewelry set with "softer" stones such as pearls or semi-precious stones as the liquid cleaner could damage their luster and finish. If in doubt, it is always best to ask your jeweler for advice.

Fresh Water Pearl Ring

Rhodium Finish

Rhodium-finished silver jewelry is a recommended alternative if you like to wear your silver jewelry all the time, even in the shower. The layer of rhodium will protect your silver jewelry from water spots and tarnishing. Why not consider buying sterling silver jewelry with a rhodium protective finish like these Drop Rhodium Earrings?

Drop Rhodium Earrings

Antiqued Finish

Do you have sterling silver jewelry with an antiqued finish? This finish gives areas of the jewelry design a darker antiqued effect, which mimics aging and tarnishing. However, you need to take care when wearing this type of jewelry in the shower as soap and water may remove some of the attractively-applied finish.

Silver-plated jewelry

If your jewelry is silver-plated, it will not be as durable as solid silver jewelry. Take care of it well as this thin layer of silver is more likely be affected by moisture from a shower or swimming pool and may erode away over time. This Sweetheart Ring will last a long time with the proper care.

Sterling silver is a beautiful precious metal that won’t suffer too much harm from an occasional dip in the shower or the pool, but remember to give it some care and attention and occasionally polish it with a silver polishing cloth to keep it in top condition.

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