Can Pandora Charms Be Used On Necklaces?

Can Pandora Charms Be Used On Necklaces?

Can Pandora Charms Be Used On Necklaces?

Pandora is a Danish high-quality jewelry manufacturer dating back to 1982. Pandora produces beautiful necklaces, earrings, and rings, but the company is best known for its bracelets and charms, which they started producing in 2000. Since then, the popularity of Pandora charms has grown and grown. More than just decorative jewelry, Pandora charms are sentimental tokens that are often bought as gifts. Momentous occasions such as birthdays, graduations or promotions can be marked with a relevant charm, which acts as a keepsake and memento of a special time. There are many themed charms to symbolize hobbies, relationships, or interests, meaning there are appropriate charms for everyone.

Designed to be worn on one of the specialized bracelets, Pandora charms also fit on many other kinds of bracelets and can be worn on other forms of jewelry, too. You may have a bracelet and charms that you feel you aren’t making the most of, or maybe you have more charms than you can comfortably fit on your bracelet and want to wear them elsewhere. Or perhaps you’ve always liked the look and idea of the meaningful charms but just know you won’t get enough wear out of a bracelet. After all, bracelets aren’t for everyone; if you are typing on a keyboard all day you, may not wish to wear a bracelet as it could clatter against the desk or keyboard. If you have a particularly active job or hobby, it may get in the way.

The good news is that you can still have the benefit of keeping important charms close and on display on a necklace; they don’t need to be confined to a bracelet. Let's look at some of the ways Pandora charms can be worn on different types of necklaces, as there is sure to be a style for everyone.

Thread onto a choker

A choker necklace that fits snuggly around the neck can make the ideal necklace for displaying a charm. Because a choker is close-fitting, several charms can be added without the necklace seeming too bottom-heavy on charms. Instead, the shape of the choker keeps its shape and the charms sit elegantly around the neck.

Improve a plain chain

You can create your own pendant necklace by taking a plain necklace chain, such as a snake or curb chain, and adding a charm to it.

Add to a pendant necklace

Footprints Cross Necklace

Most people have a pendant necklace in their jewelry collection. This is a necklace that features a small item of jewelry hanging on the chain itself. Pendants come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from small and delicate to large statement pieces. Pandora charms can be threaded onto pendant necklaces, keeping the pendant in the middle of the arrangement so the charms can act to enhance the pendant. A necklace such as Footprints Cross Necklace has spiritual meaning, or this Filigree Beating Heart Necklace could be given to a loved one and is perfect for adding charms. The meaningful pendants make the perfect centerpiece to be complemented by other significant charms.

Filigree Beating Heart Necklace

Enhance a gemstone necklace

A pendant necklace with a gemstone can be enhanced beautifully with the addition of either gemstone charms or sterling silver charms. A necklace such as this elegant Cushion 3.4ct Created Emerald Solitaire 925 Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace, for example, would look stunning if a charm or two were added on either side of the gemstone. Choose gemstone charms to add to the sparkle for a special occasion, or choose plain charms to make a feature of the emerald.

Cushion 3.4ct Created Emerald Solitaire 925 Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace

There really are no rules to follow, although you should consider the thickness of the chain that you wish to add charms to. In general, the thicker the chain, the more charms it will be able to comfortably hold. Likewise, the thinner the chain, the more delicate it will be. You do not want to overload the necklace and cause any damage to a fine chain.

The great thing about swapping jewelry around like this is that it can be unique to you, and you can mix and match the charms that you wish to display according to your current mood and situation. At certain times, such as on sentimental dates and anniversaries, you could add meaningful charms to an everyday necklace. On special occasions, you can use charms to enhance a necklace so it can be tailored to suit you and your outfit.

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