How to Wear a Bracelet

How to Wear a Bracelet

How to Wear a Bracelet

A bracelet can add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit, whether you are dressing for a big night out or just another day at the office. However, with so many styles and shapes of bracelets to choose from, how can you decide which design will look good at which event? Here is a guide to help you decide how to wear a bracelet.

The Office

A simple, understated bracelet will look best if you work in a traditional office. This will let people know that you have made an effort without being too overpowering. A slim bracelet will look great with a suit or office wear. Stick to gold or silver and perhaps the odd gemstone if it matches your color scheme. A good guide is to match the gemstone to your nail polish. If you wear red nail polish to work, a ruby can look beautiful and color coordinated. If you are wearing clear or no nail polish, a plain silver or gold band will go best.

The Office

A feminine look can be more elegant when teamed with office wear, especially white or pastel colors. Light hues such as white gold or rose gold will help you to achieve this look, while a subtle pattern will add a touch of diversity to your working wardrobe.

The Job Interview

If you want to stand out at a job interview, consider a preppy-looking bracelet in simple tones. Colored stones are fine, but keep it subtle. If you tend to fiddle when you get nervous, it might be better to go without a bracelet for a job interview as you may be tempted to fiddle with it when being asked awkward questions. However, if you tend to feel underdressed without some jewelry, a bracelet can be a good option as it may be less distracting than a necklace or earrings.

Date Night

If you are going on a first date, you might want to dress to impress but be careful not to be too overstated if you are with someone you do not know too well yet. Something elegant will look lovely, but you can certainly dress up for a big night out. Diamonds will catch well in the light, so wear a simple diamond studded bracelet or perhaps one that is made up of diamonds, like this Sterling Silver 1ct TDW Rose-Cut Diamond Tennis Bracelet.

Sterling Silver 1ct TDW Rose-Cut Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Gold can look classic and traditional for a date, but silver is more of a nighttime color and will look lovely for a dinner date. Ultimately, the decision you make may come down to the color of your outfit. Gold will look wonderful with warm tones such as green, brown, or gold. Silver and diamonds are colder in tone, so they go well with colors such as blue. Any metal or color of bracelet will be set off well by a black outfit.

Special Event

Purple 18K Gold Plated Crystal Necklace

If you are attending a big event, you might want to go large. Wearing statement jewelry, like this Purple 18K Gold Plated Crystal Necklace, can really make you stand out at an event where there are a lot of people. A big bracelet will have the effect of making your arms look slimmer, which is great if you are wearing a short-sleeved or strapless outfit to your big event. Gold is great for a summer's day, but don’t be afraid to wear statement gemstones. A mixture of metal and gemstones will look stunning - big and bold is best here.

A Concert or Festival

You may not want to wear your best jewelry to an outdoor event such as a concert or a festival, but adorning your wrist for these events can still be fun if you stick to pieces that are more affordable to replace. For the bohemian look, you can opt for bright, geometrical beads with unusual designs. Experiment with material such as wood or plastic that will look fantastic stacked together to create different shapes and styles.

For an edgier look, metal cuffs such as silver studs or darker metal can help you achieve a unique style. Tougher-looking styles such as spikes or leather can look fabulous, too, and you can stack these with plain metal bracelets to make a bolder statement.

There are so many styles to choose from, and putting together a collection of bracelets to make sure you always have the right one to match any occasion will allow you to be prepared for any circumstances. Ultimately, you should wear what makes you feel comfortable. Don’t be afraid to experiment when the chance arises!

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